Favourite TV series part 2!

About a month ago I graduated from high school. This means that next year I get to go to university! While I’m really excited to go, I’m also really enjoying my summer vacation. No school for three whole months! After a stressful period of time, full of finals and such, I get to be a bit lazy in these three months. Which means I’ve been watching a LOT of movies and new series. So I have a whole new list of my new favourite tv series to share with you!

  1. Arrow. When I started watching this I wasn’t even expecting to really like it. Normally I’m not that into superhero stuff. But I ended up binge-watching all four seasons and now I can’t wait for season 5! I’ve also started learning about different superheroes and villains, even though I’m not exactly an expert yet. I didn’t read comic books growing up and I’ve never even seen a batman or spiderman movie. But since watching Arrow I’ve been wanting to see a lot more movies based on things like DC comics. I actually can’t wait until the new movie: ‘suicide squad’ comes out!
  2. Luther. While I sometimes find it a bit scary, it’s my favourite detective series out there. I’ve watched all the seasons in a short period of time and I still like to re-watch episodes sometimes. I would really recommend watching Luther if you have never seen it before.
  3. Game of thrones. When on the topic of slightly frightening tv shows, game of thrones fits right in. While having to look away from the screen sometimes I still really enjoy watching this show. I’m a bit behind on the new season because school has been taking up a lot of time, but now that I’ve got some free time I plan on catching up soon! I really enjoy the storyline, even though it can be a bit hard to follow sometimes, I find that the show is really well written and the scenery and special effects are just gorgeous.
  4. Once upon a time. This show is all about fairy tales. All these different fairy tale characters are stuck in a little village and while watching the show you find out more about everybody’s real identity. I really enjoyed finding out which person belongs in which fairy tale. Even though the special effects are pretty bad, I like the stories and how the show switches between the real world and the fairy tale world. If you like fantasy I really recommend watching this!

So if you were looking for a new show to watch this summer, maybe you can check some of these out! I’ve definitely enjoyed watching them. Let me know what your favourite series are!

Love, Nienke



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