Summer resolutions

I know it may sound a little weird to have summer resolutions, but it’s actually really convenient. At least for me it is. I graduate from school this year and with that comes a lot of stress. I knew that if I would make resolutions for the new year, I wouldn’t stick to them. I simply didn’t have the time to learn or do new things at the beginning of 2016. So I decided that I would make some summer resolutions. These are things I plan on doing after I graduate. After graduation we actually get a 3 month vacation, so I’ll have plenty of time to try new things and change my everyday life a bit. Hopefully I can get myself to stick to these, even when I start university in the autumn.

  1. Spend more time on photography. I love taking photos, but I don’t get to do it as much as I would like to. So I figure that when summer is finally here and there are beautiful flowers and trees everywhere, I would spend more time taking photos. Maybe I’ll even take a professional photo course.
  2. Take up running. I guess working out is almost everyone’s number one resolution. Honestly I’m not really a person who enjoys working out. I don’t mind running, only it isn’t ideal because you can’t really go running in the winter (I mean you can, but my motivation goes way down when it’s raining and cold outside). So I figured I would start again in the summer time. Hopefully I will stick to it this time.
  3. Spend more time cooking. This one is really important to me. When I say spend more time cooking, I actually mean just cook once in a while. Right now I don’t know how to cook. I see all these amazing (and healthy) recipes and I just want to try some of them out. Whenever I see an amazing recipe I just print it out and put it in a binder. That way, when it’s finally summer, I can just try out some recipes from the binder. I also intend to spent more time on making a healthy breakfast. I absolutely love to have fruit or vegetable smoothies in the morning, but because I have school in the morning I never spent a lot of time on my breakfast. I know breakfast is a very important meal, so I want to spend some more time on making healthy and delicious breakfasts. If you have some cool (healthy) recipes, please let me know! I would really appreciate that!
  4. Decorating my room just the way I want it. When I go to university I will have to find an apartment (/studio/room) in the city the university is in. It is pretty far from home so I will probably be moving out. I really love cute decorations and making my room look pretty. I always see these beautiful Tumblr-like DIY’s and I have all of them stored on my laptop, planning to make them. I don’t have the time right now, but once the summer holiday starts I’m finally going to make all these cute room decorations.
  5. Write more. I plan to write more for this blog, but also just write more in general. I actually started writing a story about a boy who goes on an adventure and I really enjoyed making that story. I never finished it, but I definitely want to try to finish writing it. It isn’t a really good story or anything, but I think that if I enjoy writing I should do it anyway. It’s also kind of a challenge, because I like to write in English and I’m actually from The Netherlands (maybe you could have guessed that from my poor English). I just really love the language!

These are all the resolutions I have for the summer time. I really hope I can stick to them and I’m going to try my best! Do you have any summer or new year’s resolutions? Did you stick to yours? Let me know! I can’t wait until the summer starts!

Love, Nienke


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