Things that cheer me up!

IMG_6377 (2)Dealing with really stressful days can be hard. If you have a lot going on at school or at work it can be really overwhelming. When I have a stressful week I like to plan a day to relax. On those days I stick to doing things that cheer me up. I thought I would share with you some things that cheer me up!

  • Watching movies. I actually prefer the ones I have seen a million times. When I try to cheer myself up I mainly watch comedies. Some of my all-time favourites movies are: Little miss Sunshine, The devil wears Prada, Love actually and Every Disney movie ever made!
    IMG_6418 (2)
  • Taking a bath. I love to take baths, especially if I have some lush bath bombs lying around. It really helps me relax. You can also just have a pamper evening. Put on some face masks, light some candles and paint your nails!
  •  Write everything down. When I’m stressed I like to write down my thoughts and worries. It helps me clear my head and get a perspective on things. Or you can write down your dreams and goals for the future to keep you motivated.
  • Rereading my favourite books. Just like with the movies, I like to read books multiple times. I already know how it ends and that way I can be sure to get a happy ending!
  • Drinking tea. There are a lot of teas that can help you relax. I like to drink tea throughout a stressful day to keep me calm.

I hope some of these things can help cheer you up if you’re having a bad day. Let me know what you like to do when you’re stressed!


Love, Nienke


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