good books and bad weather

The last months of winter are kind of depressing. The snow is gone (not that there ever was any) so now it just rains a lot. I stay inside a lot, just because the weather is bad. I can’t wait for the summer time! To just be able to be outside all day and enjoy the sun. But this bad weather does have a few pro’s. I love to snuggle up in a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book when it’s storming outside. So during this time of year I tend to get through quite a few series and books. These are some of my favourite books at the moment:


Another thing I love to do on rainy days is watch lots of fun shows on Netflix. When the weather is lousy I go straight to the comedies, so I can cheer up a little. In the afternoon I like to bake cookies or cupcakes and decorate them. Not only is it fun to bake, it’s also super delicious! In the evenings I take long baths and use my favourite bath products and body lotions. Also I tend to stay in my pyjamas all day, because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t prefer pyjamas over skinny jeans.

That’s generally how I try to survive the bad weather. I stay inside and cheer myself up with all these fun things to do. But despite all these cosy things to do when the weather is bad, I can’t wait for summer!

love, Nienke


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