How to survive family vacations

IMG_6205 (2)We all know them. Those mandatory, boring family vacations. The ones where your parents decided that going to the beach is too much fun, so they hire a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Of course it’s way too small for the 5 of you, so you have to share your room with your two nagging brothers. You didn’t bring enough food and you’re supposed to spent the night on a very questionable bedspread. Worse of all: your phone has no service! How could you possibly have a fun vacation after all that? I’ve got a few tips and tricks so that you won’t get bored and make the most out of your vacation!

  •  Go exploring! No matter how ugly the scenery looks, you might just stumble upon the fountain of youth, Mordor, an unicorn or, you know, at least a Wi-Fi signal. But even though your surrounding doesn’t look promising, you never know what you might find. So when the weather is good, put on your hiking shoes, take your dog, cat, hamster or slightly annoying brother with you and go for a long walk.
  • Read a book. I know, who reads books now a days!? But don’t we all have some books lying around that we would like to read. We just put it off because we either don’t have time or our phones are more interesting at the time. But when the weather is bad, just pick a new book and try it out. When you find the right book, it’s like you’re discovering a whole new world that no one knows about. Make yourself some tea, turn off your phone and make some time for reading a great book (for my recommendation, check out my ‘top 5 favourite books’ post). And don’t cheat by reading an EBook. I know it’s super convenient, but reading from a screen will never beat reading an actual book that you can put on the bookshelf. When you look at it you will remember your experience reading it. And above all: when you accidently drop in in the bathtub (I know that has happened to all of us at least once), you won’t lose your entire library


  • Get creative! Is it snowing outside? Great! Time to beat the record for the tallest snowman. (Which is currently 37,21 meters, so good luck with that one). I’m sure you’ve seen some cute DIY’s on Pinterest or Tumblr recently, but never had time to recreate any. This is the time to do so! Or go out to the forest to find the perfect pinecones so that you can make beautiful decorations for your room.

IMG_6149 (2)

  • Bake, bake, bake! When you have the time, baking is the best thing you can do. Baking itself is fun to do, but the end result is what it’s all about. Delicious cupcakes fresh out of the oven, which you don’t share with anyone of course. Find the weirdest recipes and give them all a try. Who knows, maybe is turns out you’re born to be a chef, but never had the time to discover your hidden talents.
  • Which leads me to point number 5: try new things. Take your parents’ camera and take a few pictures, arrange a bouquet of flowers or paint a portrait. Basically: try things you haven’t tried before. Finding a new talent or hobby is always great. So use the time where you don’t have your internet for trying things you wouldn’t try normally. Who knows what it will lead to?

I sincerely hope that all your family vacations turn out to be super fun and if you get bored, try out a couple of my tips! Plus going on vacation always means you’ve got some time off school or work, so wherever you’re going for the holidays, relax and have some fun!

Love, Nienke



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